Student of the Month Quarter 2 NJHS Middle School

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Each quarter, NJHS Middle School takes great pride in recognizing outstanding students who exemplify the values of academic excellence, leadership, and community spirit. For Quarter 2, we are delighted to highlight the achievements of four remarkable students from grades 5 through 8. These students have not only excelled in their studies but have also shown commendable character and a willingness to help others.

5th Grade Raider of the Quarter: Emily Pommer

The 5th grade Raider of the Quarter is Emily Pommer. According to Mrs. Pineda, “Emily is a wonderful student who always works hard to reach her academic goals. She is studious and engaged, and she shows enthusiasm as a learner. Emily is also a kind and caring person. She never hesitates to help out a peer and is always very respectful toward her teachers. She is a joy to teach.”

Emily’s dedication to her studies is evident in her consistent performance and her eagerness to learn. She approaches every subject with curiosity and determination, often going above and beyond the required coursework. Her classmates often turn to her for help, knowing that Emily will provide assistance with patience and kindness. Her positive attitude and willingness to support her peers make her a beloved member of the 5th grade.

Congratulations, Emily!

6th Grade Raider of the Quarter: Samantha Podloski

The sixth grade Raider of the Quarter is Samantha Podloski. In the words of Mr. Holmes, “Samantha is a student you never have to worry about. She does the right thing at all times and takes care of her fellow students.”

Samantha is known for her unwavering integrity and her dedication to doing what is right. She sets a positive example for her peers through her actions and her words. Whether in the classroom, the hallways, or during extracurricular activities, Samantha consistently demonstrates respect and responsibility. Her teachers appreciate her reliability and her classmates admire her for her honesty and kindness.

Samantha’s ability to balance her academic responsibilities with her commitment to helping others is truly commendable. She is often seen assisting her classmates with their work, offering encouragement, and ensuring that everyone feels included and valued. Her empathetic nature and her strong moral compass make her a standout student in the 6th grade.

Congratulations, Samantha!

7th Grade Raider of the Quarter: Emma Eldridge

The 7th Grade Raider of the Quarter is Emma Eldridge. In the words of Mrs. Wilder, “Emma is a kind, patient, and intelligent person. She brings calm and reason to any room she visits. She is helpful to her classmates and has a witty sense of humor when creating stories in French.”

Emma’s calm demeanor and thoughtful approach to problem-solving make her an invaluable asset to her class. She excels academically, consistently achieving high marks across all subjects. Her intelligence is complemented by her patience and her willingness to help others. Whether it’s explaining a difficult concept or offering a listening ear, Emma is always there for her peers.

In addition to her academic achievements, Emma’s creativity shines through in her language studies. Her witty and imaginative stories in French class are a testament to her ability to blend learning with fun. Her teachers and classmates alike appreciate her sharp mind and her ability to bring a sense of humor to even the most challenging tasks.

Congratulations, Emma!

8th Grade Raider of the Quarter: Jacque Morris

The 8th Grade Raider of the Quarter is Jacque Morris. According to Mrs. Davis, “Jacque is positive, energetic, on-task, engaged, responsible, and friendly. Before tests, you can find her quizzing others and helping everyone. I admire her collaborative spirit and can always count on her to step up when I need a volunteer. Jacque is a hard worker and a ray of sunshine, and I am proud to nominate her for Raider of the Quarter!”

Jacque’s enthusiasm and energy are infectious. She approaches every school day with a positive attitude, inspiring her classmates and teachers alike. Her proactive approach to learning and her willingness to assist others are hallmarks of her character. Jacque often takes the initiative to organize study groups, ensuring that everyone is well-prepared for exams and assignments.

Her leadership qualities extend beyond the classroom, as she is always eager to participate in school events and volunteer activities. Jacque’s ability to balance her academic workload with her extracurricular commitments is impressive, and her friendly nature makes her a cherished member of the 8th grade.

Congratulations, Jacque!


These students exemplify the core values of NJHS Middle School: academic excellence, leadership, and a commitment to community. Their hard work, kindness, and integrity have made a significant impact on their peers and teachers. We are proud to celebrate Emily Pommer, Samantha Podloski, Emma Eldridge, and Jacque Morris as the Raiders of the Quarter for Quarter 2. Their achievements remind us of the potential within each student and the positive difference they can make in our school community.