Science Fun in Mrs. Savoy’s Fifth Grade Class

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Science Fun in Mrs. Savoy’s Fifth Grade Class

At John F. Kennedy Elementary School, one classroom has been buzzing with excitement and discovery – it’s Mrs. Savoy’s fifth grade science class. Under Mrs. Savoy’s guidance, the students have been embarking on an exciting journey of exploration into the fascinating world of science. From experiments about states of matter to building their own simple circuits, the students have been actively engaged in hands-on learning activities that have sparked their natural curiosity about how the world works.

A Day of Discovery: States of Matter Experiments
On a recent class, Mrs. Savoy introduced her students to one of the fundamental concepts in chemistry – the three states of matter. “Can anyone tell me the three common states of matter?” she asked. Several hands shot up, and Jimmy answered confidently, “Solids, liquids, and gases!” To demonstrate these concepts visually, Mrs. Savoy had set up three stations around the classroom for an interactive experiment.

At the first station, students observed various solid objects like rocks, pencils, and erasers. They noted that solids have a definite shape and volume. Next, they explored liquids like water and oil at the second station. Here, they discovered that liquids flow and take the shape of their container. Finally, at the last station, students witnessed gases by observing bubbles in bubble solution and the smoke from dry ice. They learned that gases spread out evenly and are invisible. Through hands-on exploration, the concepts of states of matter came alive for the students.

Circuit Building: A Spark of Inspiration
Electricity has always fascinated many of the students, so Mrs. Savoy decided to let their curiosity run free with a circuit building activity. She provided batteries, wires, bulbs, and switches for them to construct their own simple circuits. Under her guidance, the students learned that a complete circuit with a power source is needed for electricity to flow. Their eyes lit up as they saw the bulbs light up for the first time.

Jenny exclaimed, “This is so cool! I feel like a real electrician.” Bobby added, “When I grow up, I want to be an engineer and build things with circuits.” Their enthusiasm showed Mrs. Savoy that she was igniting a passion for science in her students through such interactive lessons. She was delighted to see them so engaged in the learning process.

Fostering a Love of Discovery
Through her creative, hands-on lessons, Mrs. Savoy aims to spark curiosity and foster a lifelong love of discovery in her students. Whether exploring the states of matter or building their own circuits, the students are actively engaged in learning about how the real world works. Such interactive experiments have brought science to life for the young learners. Under Mrs. Savoy’s guidance, the students’ journey of scientific exploration is only just beginning.