Congratulations For Houston Academy Band Students that have been selected

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Congratulations For Houston Academy Band Students that have been selected

Houston Academy is proud to announce that several of its talented band students have been selected to join prestigious collegiate honor bands. These students will have the opportunity to showcase their musical skills and represent their school at universities across the region. The selected students are:

  • Chase Buntin, trombone – Troy University
  • Bella Capaldo, flute – Troy University
  • Libby Freeman, clarinet – Troy University
  • Kiki He, flute – Troy University
  • Ally Hinckley, clarinet – Troy University
  • Max Hobbie, bari sax – Auburn University
  • Lili Jeffers, clarinet – Troy University
  • Erin Potter, percussion – Troy University
  • Madilyn Potter, bass clarinet – Troy University
  • Merrill Scarbrough, clarinet – Troy University
  • Kaelyn Tolley, trombone – University of Mobile
  • Meredith Williams, flute – Troy University

These exceptional students have been chosen to participate in honor bands at Troy University, Auburn University, and the University of Mobile. They will join other talented band students from schools in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi. This selection is a significant achievement and a testament to their hard work and dedication to music.

The honor bands provide a unique opportunity for these students to work with world-class music professors and clinicians. Over three days, they will immerse themselves in intensive rehearsals and workshops, honing their skills and expanding their musical knowledge. This experience will culminate in a public concert, where the students will perform alongside their peers in a showcase of their collective talent and hard work.

Participation in these honor bands is not only a personal achievement for each student but also a source of pride for Houston Academy’s Performing Arts Department and the entire school community. The students’ selection highlights the quality of the music program at Houston Academy and the dedication of its faculty to nurturing young talent.

Representing Houston Academy, these students will bring their skills and enthusiasm to the collegiate honor bands, making valuable connections and gaining insights from some of the best in the field. Their involvement in this prestigious event underscores the importance of music education and the opportunities it provides for personal and artistic growth.

The Houston Academy family congratulates these students on their remarkable achievement and wishes them success as they prepare to take the stage and represent their school with pride and excellence.